Thursday, February 28, 2013

한국: Day 3 Part 1

Ahhhh~Our third day has come. We have gone all the way to O'Sulloc Tea Museum, a place for people like us to experience and understand how a tea is grown, brew and etc. Apart from that, it's also an eco-friendly environment, they provided the visitors with a cafe there to relax and to have food and drinks with green tea.

Tea is used to be drunk by the royal family and used to be a gift given by the king. As it goes with time, it had been brought down drank by the ordinary people. That's why we can enjoy drinking tea to date.

Welcome to O' Sulloc Tea Museum, where it is originated in Jeju Island. They have branches of O Sulloc shops selling O'Sulloc Tea in other cities like Seoul and Gangnam too

They have displayed the different types of tea pots, tea cups and how it was originated with its rich history too.

This is just so cute, and creative

The whole set of the tea

If you are a tea lover, these are what is available for you to buy haha. Also, they are selling green tea based cream, moisturizer and stuff like that too.


cece clex said...

I love this place<3<3<3

Panda said...

Haha yeah it's a very beautiful and relaxing place .. ^^