Tuesday, February 19, 2013


For real, I've not heard about this throughout my life and when I did hear this upon my ears, damn, this is too amazing.

How can someone from this century do this as such. I've always thought that this happens in generations before.

I've heard that some girl fled the country and got engaged with the bf in the chosen country. Wow.

I'm not sure what does this prove. The unconditional love or beyond stupidity. If thinking that this will make her feel better, why not right? Parents are always right in certain things. This is one of them. It is important that you choose the right one and get your parents' blessing. That's like the most important ever thing to do when wanting to plunge into a different phrase. Without blessings, only problems will find your way.

That's how it works. Look at it now, arguing every other day? Life must have treated you damn good, right? Regret? It's definitely too late. After all these drama happened, bow down and cry, probably nobody cares anymore. At least I know if this ever happen, I wouldn't bother.

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