Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Losers these days

You hear a lot of girls say that they wanna get married to a rich man and only rich man. They don't wanna work, they don't wanna do anything, but just be a thrash in society. Trust me, there are so many out there.

I thought that was really bad. Just bad, because it shows how "intelligent" people became with having the easy way out and eventually having nothing in life. They are born with the mission of marrying a rich guy, no matter what they do, no matter what the husbands do, they just wanna be that.

Then, I came to know that there are guys out there doing the same thing. They love the girls money, house, and etc. They start going after the girl after they see the house. They wanna get married to the girl, and they don't mind marrying in to the girl's family. I'm sorry for my mistake, but please remind me what gender are you?

It's not only rich guys that have to be aware of those girls. Now even the girls gotta be extra careful of the guys. Initially, they just treat you like just another girl. For what reason tell me, they start going after you only AFTER they see your house? There's only one reason and that's because they want your money, or your parents.

How degrading will they wanna be? Guys like this are not even worth to be friends with, honestly. Girls alike.

It is at its best if you do not show him where you live, or her. If you're a girl, it's okay to drive, there's nothing wrong with that.

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