Thursday, March 14, 2013

한국: Day 3 Part 3

After visiting Green Tea Museum, I remember that it was raining that day. Weather wasn't looking too good on us, especially for people like us who were travelling, and who do not have any tourist bus where we are sheltered. Instead, we were caught in the rain, again and again for the days we were in Jeju Island. Rain loved us. Just because I am not really fond of the sun doesn't really mean that I want the rain =.=

Anyway, we headed over to Loveland (제주러브랜드). It is an outdoor sculpture park that consist of 2 soccer fields combined, since 2004. This is not a 18sx place, instead a 19sx place. This is where "a place where love oriented art and eroticism meet," created by graduates from Hongik University.

These are the few ones that I took, there are many many others.

Few ones

The host and the owners too haha

We walked out, and there comes a mystery road. Saw the amount of people there? They were there to see the bus go up hill as the road isn't flat, instead, it is an uphill road. There comes a point when the drivers will stop their engine yet it can still go up. Well, maybe it isn't that mysterious, let's ask the scientific guys? If they cannot answer, then maybe it is indeed mysterious haha

This was the restaurant we walked out til. We wanted to ask for direction because we were told there were buses to go back to our place. But, after waiting and waiting and til the sun goes down, there doesn't seem to be any of them. Hence, we came here to ask for direction.

This is the time we have really felt we were so lost and we didn't know what to do. We were practically stranded out of nowhere. It's in the middle of nowhere, literally.

There were a bunch of tourist there that just arrived. The ahjumma there were not free to entertain us, so we waited for them to finish to ask them for direction. The Godfather sent from above came just at the right time to help us. He asked us where were we going, and told us that there's no bus there. If we want, we need to take a cab and in order to get a cab, we need to call. He said he will give us a number. We told him that we do not have the phone line there. In the end, he called for us, negotiated the price for us and in the end, he scolded the cab driver as it did not arrive at the given timeframe. Hence, he demanded for a discount for us. He even took coffee for us, and brought us to shelter as the wind was extremely strong. Guess who is he? A bus driver of the tour group. How can someone so angelic came into my life just to help me to get home? Can you believe there's someone THAT kind and nice? He's not even getting any penny. Damn, I've never met anyone THAT nice, ever in my life before him. Right until now, I still remember how he looks like fresh in my mind. That's how memorable it had become. That's how much he has done and despite being lost here and there, he had made our trip a really memorable and not something we can forget for a long long time to come.

Once again, thank you Godfather!

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