Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hotel Tales

1 Utama is having a Popular's book fair now at the Concourse area, old wing. Of course, it cannot be compared to the Big Bad Wolf. However, when I saw the title of the book, I immediately grabbed it.

Though it isn't the typical stories, but this is definitely an interesting read. A scroll down towards the life of the hoteliers based on experience of the individuals' lives. After reading it, I have my own share of experience there. I can tell that the stories tell are true. I can relate that to what happened during my 2 and a half years tenure in that industry.

During the interview, I was already told to be prepared as a hotelier's life isn't as glamorous as what people see as guests. It isn't all smiley, happy faces. It isn't a high class job. In fact, when I got to experience it myself, it's far from it. Sometimes, even scary. Apart from all the negativeness, we have our own share of happiness during those times. It's indeed a very stressful job. Being in that industry, I am really thankful that I have a hands-on experience there as my first job and that because of the trainings I went under, I am prepared to take on challenges in the future. It definitely made all of us stronger, every one of us there, in the mental aspect and emotional stress.

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