Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink & Blue

People around me know very very well I dislike pink. I think I only have 2 pink tops over the years and nothing more.

The color is very distracting. I've always been a black and blue person. It can be any other colors except pink. It's against my principles in life.

Pink has always been associated with girls and blue has been stereotyped as a boy's color. That mentality has got to change now. We are in the 21st century and we don't welcome stereotypes.

Go to a mall and you see only 2 colors, pink and blue in the kids' section. Even from before, I took blue over pink. I've always been attracted to blue. The manufacturers are so irritating.

Those people I know who love pink are either self-claimed princesses, fragile people or anything similar to that. Just practically a feminine person whether it's internal or external. I'm neither. Hence, I love blue.

Instead, I love pink on guys. Did I say that one of my fave past time is to do things the opposite of the norm? Haha.


Anonymous said...

Dropping by just to spam. Okok I miss you la maybe! :P

Eh few days ago I saw a waja in publika bright pink with bright yellow rims. I almost got brain cancer LOL! =x


Panda said...

haha miss me right? :P

OMG!!! I don't wanna see that Waja! Please people, for goodness sake >.<