Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Dysfunctional Family

At this age, you will have many friends who are already married or in a relationship, colleagues, acquaintances and etc. There bound to have issues with their partners, and yada yada. That's perfectly normal.

This is the first ever time I encounter this. Someone who are already married, kept telling people how bad is the wife, how horrible she is, how uncalled for. This is not a friend of course, but he has been telling all the bad stuff about her. What the fact is we don't know.

He isn't a perfect guy at all, in fact, he's far from it. With the personality that we know, he flirts around like he's single. Yet, he dares to say all those negative stuff bout her. Mind you, nothing good comes out from his mouth. Then, he introduced his wife to everyone. Ahh, this is just ridiculous, right? If you're so unhappy, why don't you just give everything up? You can't right? SO, shut up and continue with your sad life.

It's so awkward to know everything and finally meeting the person. Of course, you don't know what is truth and what is not either. This is one very dysfunctional person that I know. Dude, you should be ashamed of yourself, terribly. The victim of all? The kid.


Anonymous said...

Sigh.. I hear those stories from others too =\

They don't realize the implictions it has on other innocent human beings.


Panda said...

What do these kind of people care, most important of all - themselves.