Thursday, April 4, 2013

A,B & C

I'm not sure if this is okay, or that it feels weird.

What if A(guy) and B(girl) are friends, and B has a close friend C(girl). B introduced them. Not as in formally introduce them to get together, but merely B hangs out with them frequently. Why go twice when you can go one.

There comes one fine day when A and B had stopped talking. It's not through a misunderstanding but rather B cannot tolerate A's attitude anymore. A then asked C to go out, pestering C to hang out and especially on trips together.

Now, does it make sense? Hmm. It's very interesting though. When A can't get hold of B anymore, he turns to C? I feel this is a disrespect and not sure what is he up to. He may mean well with good intentions. I can foresee that the amazing long years they know each other can practically go down the drain. I really don't think this is right.

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