Monday, April 29, 2013


Maybe, there's an understanding gap here that I don't quite get it.

Once, there was a guy and a girl who met in a club. That means that both are drinkers. For me, that is perfectly normal to drink, whether you are a girl or a guy. That's absolutely acceptable as long as you know your boundaries and don't go over your limits.

Here's the thing, you know each other from a club. But, when you got closer, you have come to a point to go further into the relationship, it suddenly became an issue. What issue? How can that be an issue? Girl does not allow the guy to go drinking.

It makes no sense. You knew him from a club. Yet, after you got together, you prohibit him from going. That's not realistic and to me, that is just purely ridiculous. How can you change someone's lifestyle just because you don't like it, and just because you don't agree to it. Perhaps, girl is afraid of the guy cheating if he goes to a club?

I have no freaking idea. But, if a guy intends to cheat, he will cheat somehow despite how are you trying to stop him. He will, without a doubt. He has been living like how he has been throughout his life. When you come into the picture, you stopped him. Wow, what a sacrifice. A major one.

Girl or guy alike, it works the same way. It's not like they go and drink til they get wasted or anything like that. If you are behaving as such, how can you expect the other to be happy being with you? They are not 18, where they don't even know how to control themselves.

This means that, you are not even trusting them. Therefore, what's the point of being together without a trust? Tell me, enlighten me if I am lacking of some knowledge here.

I have seen many like that. They have been drinking all their life and they are expected to stop. OR, they knew each other from a club, and when they got together, they are not allowed to drink. Drinking is needed for certain people to release the pressure they have from their daily life and that does not make them an alcoholic. It makes them sane, at least they have something to de-stress. I am sure even one pint of beer can already de-stress them.

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