Monday, April 22, 2013

My 3 Weeks Battle

This has been my most critical condition of falling sick. For the past 3 weeks, I have fallen sick, in and out of clinic.

The first week was a not-so-serious viral fever which I recovered the next day. I don't feel so miserable, I can still walk and still crap. That is the sign I am okay.

Second week, was when I had food poisoning, which leads to the pain of my stomach became unbearable. That, after medication, I was okay the next day.

The third week, which was just last week, was again viral fever. Maybe, I did not fully recover from the first week. Afterall, it's virus, not something that medication can kill. The fever was bad this time, the bodyache was serious, so bad I could not walk in a pace of a grandfather. I was even slower than that and I can only walk very very short distance. Then, the giddyness came, I felt so dizzy, which triggered nausea which leads to throwing up. I felt so lethargic, and of course really really miserable. The giddy that I got was so critical that I could not stand up to walk to my room from downstairs. That's how bad it was.

Now that I am okay, I felt so much more relief, more than ever. The feeling of miserable can be very depressing.

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