Monday, April 8, 2013

The Hair Bun

Just earlier today, I saw this bun.

I used to be really dependent on this on my early years of my working life for a couple of months. I was then used to it, so I've never seen that as "weird" nor "strange." I felt that way in the beginning, but after adapting to it, it seems okay since that I was solely dependent on it, for that few months.After I was sent over to the grooming class, we were all prohibited in using this to bun our hair up. Just hair tie is allowed, nothing more.

I didn't understand why would we be prohibited from using this, as that was convenient, I thought. Now that I look back on those who use this (mostly service line), it looks really weird. Honestly, it doesn't look professional. Yes, it does look tidy and neat, but does it look professional considering the industry? It actually doesn't bring out the professionalism. I guess the decision to stop the usage is a right thing to do. Also, it doesn't add on the years of your actual age. :DThank God, my work does not require me to do stuff like that anymore. I did not know how I endure things like that before. It was really awesome. An experience I must say that grooming then MATTERS, a lot. Failing to adhere to that, will be sent to the locker to re-groom yourself. That's how it works.

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