Wednesday, May 29, 2013

한국: Day 5 Part 1

Rain loved us, so so much. I don't know how much the rain loved us, it cannot be measured. It followed us from Jeju to Seoul.

Seoul is all about shopping. Of course, apart from that, we need to complete the sightseeing too to say that we have been to Seoul. The next stop we went was to Namsan Tower or you call it Seoul Tower if that's easier to remember haha. It's 10 minutes walk from Myeongdong (the shopping destination) to the cable car station. It's a very good exercise as it's all uphill and the best part of all, you have no other choice but to walk as cars and taxis are prohibited there.

The best to visit is actually not day time, instead, the best is after sunset, between 7 PM to 12 AM. You can take the cable car up and walk down though. There are quite a few stuff up there, such as the revolving restaurant, souvenir shop, and a few more restaurants and the observatory.

As you can see from this picture itself, it was raining before we arrived. Having said that, it does not mean that it had stopped for that day.

Ahhh cherry blossom. We missed the cherry blossom in Jeju as the season is almost over there. At least, we still have our hopes here in Seoul. Hehe.

This is it. Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower.

They made this into a shape of a heart. Very pretty looking.

Ahh so cute this yellow thing haha


Anonymous said...

Eiii.. Long time no drop by here leh.. Sometimes I do then something comes up.. anyway, Nice haircut yo! To be honest long hair or short hair you'll always be awesome! =D


Panda said...

OMGG!!!! Long time, dude! hahaha ... thank you thank you :P I love flipping my hair now :P

tIcKLeMe said...

sp, wanna go hong kong? november. rm350. :)

Panda said...

Hahahaa... Too late :(