Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let's break up

Lately, there are so many stuff that happened, so many stories I have heard.

This is one of the story I have heard too. It's someone I know of. This girl has been dating the bf for a minimum of 7 years and they got married.

During that 7 years, anything that happens, she will always say "let's break up." The word that anyone in the right mind will not use it just like saying "hey." But, she does. Her friends had reminded her again and again not to do that and not to use that phrase. Knowing her attitude so well, her friends all told her when she announced that she was going to get married not to act in such a way. She can no longer say "let's divorce" whenever she feels like it and even asked her if she's sure of this.

This, is such a problematic child. She is that one person that feels the whole world is going against her when everyone is helping her. Amazing. Even until today, being pregnant, she is still saying that.

Major part is that she is filled with all negative thoughts in her head. In this case, nobody can help her. Poor husband.

Maybe, just maybe, it was due to the fact she's not normal like us where our vision appears to be normal. She has her own challenges to overcome. I'm thinking that's the reason why.

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