Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stay Away

As you enter your mid 20s onwards, you will then realize that you will receive more and more wedding invitations, more and more people surrounding you are getting married, not necessary you get invited. Please do not misunderstand, not getting invited is indeed a good thing. It means you don't have to spend money haha.

So yeah you see people are getting married, you just wonder how prepared are they for marriage. Some get married younger, and some older. Can they refrain temptation after marriage? This is something I am really curious about.

Then, you see those married people responding to temptation. It's so annoying. Knowing you are married and doing such unlawful things. Those action is so uncalled for.

Then, there comes the girl. The girl who get involved with married men usually has a bf. They don't even mind if people suspect them. They are cheap like that. Knowing those guys are married, for normal girls, they stay away. For desperate girls, they don't mind. I am not sure what are they looking for. For sure, they do not have any dignity in themselves. Where are the pride? It was probably flush down the toilet bowl years ago.

Showing the interest, having eye contacts, the flirt, what else do you need? If you wanna flirt around with all the guys, break up with your bf, and get desperate nobody says a thing. If you wanna get involved with married men, do not blame others for treating you in such a way because you clearly deserves it since it shows you have no respect for others and yourself. It's absolutely disgusting. Or better, join a dating site since it most probably be mutual. HAHA!

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