Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Social Network Site

Few months back, I have joined a social network recommended by one of my dear friend. It's a site you don't have to pay as most sites I know is only free for certain usage and most of the features needs at least a certain membership fee.

It's very very similar to Facebook with the exception that this cannot be locked or restricted. Therefore, whatever you post up, whether pictures, rants, or status can be seen by the public.

I saw this status posted by this girl who said she wants a tall bf who smokes, tanned, will do anything for her and etc. It's very fairy tale liked, right? Posting status like that only attract weirdos. 2 minutes later, she posted another status stating that all guys there are jerks.

Personally, I think she was just asking for it as hello ... you don't go posting stuff like that up for the public to see. Doesn't she know common etiquette? I guess not.

This is like encouraging weirdos and she's attracting that kind of people to her as the whole aura in her is telling people that she's desperate. What kind of people do desperate people attract? Humans are attracted more towards the same kind, so the answer, despo too. Opposite attract doesn't work, the ratio is higher for the same kind to get along.

Girls dying to get bfs there, I just can't say how disgusted I am towards the pictures that they post. It's pictures you don't wanna see, it's pictures you feel embarrass of if you know that person. Thank God none of my friends behave that way. If one of them are like that, I strongly believe they will be kicked out from my circle long ago. Maybe, perverts get excited over it.

Guys who want gf wouldn't choose them as their gfs too. I believe they wouldn't want their gfs to be showing and expressing themselves through pictures like that. Furthermore, don't think ever anyone will be that open minded to be allowing such thing to happen. The entire thing about them is just so immoral and can be very offensive to certain people. It shows how low can they be. Obviously, only perverts and weirdos want you.

If you want someone with not with that kind of standard, it's not about choosing another guy. It's all about changing how you think and act. If you don't, you will attract that same type of guys to you. It may be a different person, but they will be the same type of people.

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