Friday, May 31, 2013

You get what you deserve

I know that there wide selections of clothes selling out there in the malls compared to years back. As you have noticed and realized, girls are wearing lesser and lesser, shorter and shorter, thinner and thinner.

I believe that when you work, go to the office, it's only wise and professional to dress in certain way. That means not too short, not too thin, not too exposed like as if you are revealing your body to the public. If you are working in certain industries of course it is acceptable. But, if it's a corporate office, dressing up in that way does not portray you are a qualified employee. That's how usually people see you as. That also leads to self-respect. If you respect yourself, you do not wanna have remarks like "geez, look at that woman wearing so skimpy to work, that's an absolute disgrace." I'm sure no person in the right mind will want that. Don't be surprised if there are people who want that. Instead, they will interpret it as "Omg, so many people are looking at me, I'm a star." God, give us all a break.

There comes the guy. No, not them dressing like that. If they do, I rather not live anymore. You know which kind of guys deserve a respect? Not those who says "you look so beautiful" or that says "let's have a date." Not at all those kind. Instead, the deserving kind is those that when you see other girls dress in that offensive manner, you don't pass on remarks like "it's better not to wear" or "phewittt the bod is hawt" or "check out that chic." Instead, they keep quiet and decide not to say anything. That deserves a respect. He who does not bother about how a girl dresses and does not go crazy for her just because she's wearing shorter than most girls. He who knows what to say and what not to say. He who when in the company of girls, watch what he says. No sexist guys.

I know guys who are like that. "Phewitt" or "wah that skirt is so short" so what? You telling other girls that? You gotta be kidding me man. You should learn how to shut up for once. If you don't, get lost from my life and that does not affect me even one bit. First of all, imagine if some other guys on the street say that towards your own sister, or gf, or wife whichever that is applicable. Or better still, your own friends say that. Heh. Now, how that feels?

If you think you want to be respected like a rightful human being, then act as one. I am not asking you to act noble, posh, vogue or any of that sort, or even swag haha, but yeah, be respectful towards others. Human beings appreciate beautiful people. So, be beautiful inside. That also means, acting in a courteous manner deserve a respect, at least from this human being. We in general don't like rude people, right?


tIcKLeMe said...

lol but i always wear shorts and t-shirt to work. is that too skimpy? :O

Panda said...

Yours different industry >.< so it is totally acceptable lahh aiyooo