Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be Kind

I have been reading and seeing so many of those relationship issues around. Betrayal, cheating, etc. Now, there's even a viral Facebook post too.

Well, really, why cheat? If you're not ready to commit, say so. If you no longer feel that way towards that person, be frank. Leave, and start another one. Not leave when you have been caught red handed. It's that simple. If you want both, then dream. Simple, right?

I believe that someone deserves a second chance. But, when you have been betrayed, I just don't think that person deserves it. It should be given to those who earns it, and of course you see that there's a change and that person regrets it. Otherwise, no.

If you think that everyone is the same, they allow you to do such immoral act, forgive you, give you another chance, I suggest you people to think again. What I'm saying does not refer to only one gender, it's actually both. Not everyone are kind like that to you. Some chose to be kind to themselves instead. That will be the best. Say no when you have to and that will benefit yourselves.

It may be kind to people, but you need to think of your own sake first. If it rips you up and eats you gradually, you'll die a kind person to them who in the end, do not appreciate it. It's better you die a mean person but a kind person to yourselves. You live happily and you die happily. Isn't it better?

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