Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It is really important to stay healthy. Health is wealth. You may not realize this when you are much much younger, but when you get older, your body system works differently.

It is not only the obese people that should be aware off, in fact just anyone. It does not matter if you are obese, fat, thin, skinny. I feel the thin people should becareful. Just because you are thin does not really mean you are healthy. If you are someone that eat like an elephant yet don't get fat. Well, at least fatter people who eat and get fat, they tend to be more conscious of what they consume or that they know where the food goes to. The thin ones just gobble up and think that ah they are thin, they can eat anything. That's when problem starts.

I'm not talking about people who work to be thin, or fit. I'm saying those born as such. Live in a country with great food, without any good transportation available, we tend to get into the car and drive to the desired destination. We rarely walk. Even in the parking lot, we tend to find the one that is nearest to the entrance.

I've been searching for a good exercise. No, not running. I can't run. I have been dancing again after a year of hiatus, and that feels really good. But, that's not enough. I wanna go cycling now and I should continue swimming when my weekend day offs start. Apart from that, I have started my stretching regime at home. Haha.

Fast food is really bad for your calories. I was advised only once a month. Thank God, I don't really enjoy fast food anymore. haha.

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