Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Haze Attacked

Just like any other years, for as long as we can remember, we have been attacked by haze. It's more like a man-made haze due to the open burning at the neighboring country which is held responsible for this every freaking year. The next thing you know, you were then accused of being childish for complaining over the haze. Wth? You did open burning and instead of taking responsibility, you blame us of complaining. Wow, time has definitely changed.

Let's just see how is Klang Valley. It's like one of the mildest compared to other states like Melaka and Johor which API had reached 700++ and it is already categorized as being hazardous. This was on Sunday.

Things were looking really bad then, it got worse I can't see my car any longer. This was taken on Monday morning.

This is then Tuesday before the rain. We gotta depend on the rain. For the first time, everyone's looking forward for the rain. It feels like the harvest festival now.

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