Monday, July 22, 2013

Dance Competition

Since May, I have occupied myself twice a week for dance practices and it had all ended in July when the competition was finally over. It was indeed very draining. That was the reason why I have shed some fats out of my body too without realizing. It wasn't an intention but when it does, it just does.

It was the first competition we all had, at least most of us. It's the Asia Pacific Explosion which was held in Shangri-la on July 7th.

We did not arrive there as early as 8am, that was madness. As we gave way to Line dancing and belly dancing respectively, Hip Hop started at 1 ish.

Of course, being a first timer in competition and did not step on the stage as huge as this before, I admit it's kinda nerve wrecking. I've never thought the stage was huge like this. After the nervousness, I must not allow it to take control of me. I went to my sedate mode after a few practices and it's all good before we actually performed.

After all the performance, there was a showcase. We represented Japan as ours is from the Japan Club haha. It was a very eventful day and had lots of fun. :D

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