Sunday, July 28, 2013

한국: Day 6 Part 2

Next up, we went to Yeouido. If Gangnam is being made in comparison with Beverly Hills in California, then Yeouido is the Manhattan of Seoul. This is the home of the largest banks and financial hubs in Korea but also to major broadcasters. The city itself "yeouido" means you can have it in English. You may think that oh it's a business place, think again as it is in fact surrounded by parks. The best time to visit this place is actually spring as every year, they have a festival held there called "Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival" that last for 2 long weeks. We were there on the very last day itself.

Needless to say, we rented a bicycle there to ride. The weather was just nice for an outdoor activity like this. Despite rain followed us wherever we went to, but on this particular day, it was on our side. It did not rain, and the day was just so pretty and beautiful for cycling.

This is filled with buildings all over. You can see all the businessmen and women walking all around or that you can see one whole group of people in business suits smoking. I have always liked seeing people in business suits. I don't know why haha.

This is where the actual shopping begin. Actual means that where we actually shop for ourselves and not for others. It's kinda tiring when you go for holidays, and majority of stuff you buy is for others. I have always dreamt of going for a holiday far far away and I actually get to enjoy doing things and buying things for myself. Hehe.

Not to forget, a visit to Gangnam area, even before the place was popularized by Psy as Roy brought us there. Back then, you don't see the place as a tourist destination. It's a lavish lifestyle of the young Koreans. Of course, there are pubs and bars around that area too haha.

This is the last post of my 11 days Korean trip. It stops at Day 6 as I don't know which came first. Some days we were just shopping. Hence, at some point, I may have just combined few days into one post here.

Traveling free and easy there is really important as that is when you get to really blend in and to get in touch more with the locals. I have always loved travelling free and easy. I am never a fan of a group tours as you get to travel to places of the country, you get to see, you get to eat. But, what's lacking is the localization of the country. It's really not the same. If you ask me if am I going to do this again, my answer is a definite yes.

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