Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gut Feelings

It came as a coincidence when my close friend asked me one day if I know this particular person. I was shocked, I said yes I do but we don't keep in contact anymore, not because of the busy schedule, not because of the distance, but more like I was pissed once with him in which I have forgotten what was that about. Geez! It had been years.

Knowing this person does not really mean that I know him deep down, or met him before. It was an online thingy and never have I thought that I'll be meeting him in person. That fateful day arrived. It was such an unfortunate day for me.

I was actually dragging myself there, I was so reluctant to meet him. Not because of what he did in the past as I can't even remember for God's sake, but more like my feelings towards him isn't great. In order to have friendship, you need to like the other person. It all started with dislike, not even a neutral feeling. I don't see him as a friend. It's just someone that had interest on my friend.

I finally met this dude. The moment I met him, my gut feelings told me not to like this guy and not to know him. I do not even feel like knowing him more or further. I just don't. Sometimes, things happen so mysteriously that you don't really have an explanation for it. Honestly, he did not do anything to me.

Ah, the whole time we were together at the dining table, I was extremely bored. First, for whatever he wants to say, it seems that he is unable to talk to me directly. That was rather rude of him. It's basic etiquette. Eye contact is really important. Again, I just can't seem to have any eye contacts with him. I just can't bring myself to do that. I know that was very disrespectful, but I really can't do that. Trust your instincts. I may be a very difficult at times, but those times had passed. I am not that person anymore. I gave him opportunities, in a way, was testing him. But, he did not take the initiative.

I don't feel sorry for him. Intelligence is a real big factor. By being present there and listening to the whole conversation, it was all very shallow. The topics that he brought up and all, was crappy and a waste of my time to be even listening to what he has to say. I officially dislike this person.


Anonymous said...

you are shallow and crappy too

Anonymous said...

Yes definitely :D your problem? It's also not his problem I feel that way too