Saturday, July 27, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 1 Part 1

If there are any trips I have been looking forward to from last year, it is this trip to Langkawi. The flight ticket was cheap. It isn't 300 plus like what you usually pay, but a mere 50 bucks including tax. That's an awesome deal I would say.

Each trip we go to, there will definitely be a hiccup somewhere. This is no different, it's not that we woke up late, or we were late to the airport. More like when it's time to board, we realized we actually threw the actual tickets away because the machine printed 6 tickets instead of 3. It turns out to be the flight number is different. OMG! Whaaat?

It feels so good, flying off to Langkawi. I know lately so many people are going to Langkawi. This, is our turn. When we arrived, it was raining slightly. But, it wasn't too bad. The weather was just right.

That's a really good wine. We rented a Vios cost 160 bucks for the entire stay. We then arrived here in no time. With the assistance of technology, smart phones and applications to help us get around, it's no big deal.

Say Hello to Good Life for the next few days

That's the map & the room. Yeah with Waze, we don't have to stop at the road side to read the map like what we have done 4 years ago. The last time we were there, we need to stop at the side, read the map. It made us more independent for sure. But, it's time and oil consuming haha.

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