Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mutual Attraction vs Opposite Attracts

So you have heard about opposite attracts or mutual attraction. Perhaps, 10 years ago, they say opposite attracts. Now, they say mutual attraction.

In my belief, I have always trusted mutual attraction more. As a human being, we are always attracted and feel more comfortable with people who are more familiar or similar to us. Thus, it's very normal for us to be attracted to people with similar interest, similar beliefs.

But, when we talk about opposite attracts, I believe that it concerns more on the habits, lifestyle and etc not so much on life perspectives. Even that, I find it really difficult to live with. Imagine you drink, you like to party, you sleep during the day but that other person loves day time, sports, movies and love to be home early. Of course, there are compromise, but still, that's not your nature. How can you enjoy something you have no interest in, right? Maybe, you feel that it's a great thing to do and a sacrifice. But, after awhile, you will feel suffocated and you will start to think why do you need to change how you live for someone else. You will feel that's too much of a sacrifice.

That's one thing, and people with different perspectives are even much more difficult. Let's just take the easiest topics, friends. For one, not everyone can be friends, you need to be choosy and hi-bye are not friends. The other who says, that's my friend when they have not spoken more than 10 words to each other. That's a major issue. I don't think I can accept it. Hmm. Obviously, it depends how open and how you adapt to this. As a person, we need to have certain requirements and principles. No matter how people try to change how I have already thought in my mind, I wouldn't. Therefore, mutual please. Haha.

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