Thursday, August 22, 2013

Over-rated word

According to a definition, betrayal means unfaithful, disloyal or cheating.

But, what happens is I notice that this word had been over-rated. Betrayal is a very deep word and it's meant to use only when one experience the words defined above.

I have come to know certain people with different definitions of betrayal. I feel that's just way too subtle to be described as a betrayal. Instead, it's just a mere thing where people ditch you for a meal. I don't think that's a betrayal.

Also, there are people who called others betraying because things just didn't turn out to be like how this person wanted. Just because the partners broke up with this person, and that's not because of any cheating or third party involved, they are called betrayals.

At the same time, you can call this person betraying too because what was promised earlier was not acted upon it. Interesting people we have here in the world eh? Things happen, parting ways is part of life, and these people need to learn to grow up.

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