Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 1 Part 3

This is where the journey begins. We headed to Kuah Jetty first for the sight of the eagle. We didn't have any sightseeing the last time we were there as we were there just for the sake of the alcohol. Damn.
That was us. Haha. Arrived ^^ Weather was perfect.

Yeah we started. That isn't KL so it's okay :D

This is one of the main attractions in Langkawi. It's called Eagle Square or Dataran Lang. It's the 12 metre tall eagle scrulpture with the fountains surrounding it, together with some nice terraces and bridges. Great place to just enjoy the breeze and look at the ferries. haha.

This was taken from just below the eagle. Very nice view in the evening :D

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