Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 2

All these pictures were taken in Pantai Cenang. Since the weather was great, we decided to spend our time a little longer there. As long as we have the time to have our breakfast later back in fatCupid, then it's all good.

I love the blue sky. Though it looks cloudy, but it was actually quite sunny. You know how pictures don't justify the brightness and the actual sunshine

Despite not having anything for breakfast yet, we manage to preserve the energy to jump

That's me. haha. I love it that there's sunshine yet windy.

Strolling along the beach haha

Blue blue sky :D Though I know sunshine is good, but I am a little afraid of it at the same time. I do not have naturally fair skin. The tone I have is based on hard work. Once I get tanned, it takes months and years to have my original color back. Once upon a time in Langkawi 4 years ago, it took my skin just 2 hours under the sun and it became black & white. It needed one whole freaking month to get my skin to be completely peeled off. It took the next month to just have my skin grow back. Needless to say, it took at least one year away from the sun to get a tone where I can at least accept. At least accept meaning there's no huge difference between my face and my shoulder.

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