Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 3

Ahh ... after at the beach, we went back to La Pari Pari to have our lovely breakfast. fatCUPID serves the best ever breakfast. Though breakfast is complimentary, we have the choice to choose any other breakfast from the menu and in the end of it, they will just minus off 20 bucks. I mean, all 3 eat the same thing is gonna be boring, right? We chose all 3 different sets.

Look at it! How cute is the sunny side up! haha

That's me by the way with the healthy breakfast I had

Don't judge by how it looks. Maybe my photo taking skill needs major improvement. It was delicious!

The moment we reached back to our place, it started pouring like mad. We went blank, like wth? What just happened? It was a sheer moment. How cool was that?

Initially, we wanted to go to Mahkam Mahsuri. But, Waze took us to a village-like-exhibition place. That place was closed. It doesn't look like the place we have pictured in our mind. It was supposed to be an openarea. As we have learned in history, it's a graveyard. We ended up here, the cable car. It has a panorama breathtaking view of Langkawi. We found out then that the skybrige was close, and it had been closed for more than a year now. Hello? Do they expect tourists to go for the cable car and not the skybridge. Are they out of their mind? Get that sorted, dude. My gawd ...

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