Monday, September 2, 2013

Basic Etiquette

In a society like us here, we have people around us, behaving very inappropriately. I really wonder, what is the cause of this.

Every now and then, I get irritated with these people. I certainly cannot condone such improper and unethical behavior.

What we are speaking of here is what every child even know but as adults, we don't practice it. How embarrassing. It's basic etiquette but don't be surprised. There are umpteen number of people who don't do this.

Well, I just despise it when we are on the phone, the other person starts munching throughout the whole conversation. I do know that you love eating, but let's just stick to being polite. Is that really that difficult? This is already categorized as being rude and showing some kind of disrespect to the other person.

Ooh, through conversations, you can vaguely know how is that other person you are speaking to. If looking at one person under the rain, as normal human beings, you should have a little bit of compassion and empathy. If you get replies such as it's their job and all that crap, you just know this person is not someone you wanna be close with. It's the thoughts that count. If in the mind, you are thinking such things, man, we all know what will you do in difficult circumstances. Man!

It's actually a rare sight to see people around me being polite. It's like as if polite is something very difficult to achieve. Common people. Being rude is not something attractive. It does not make you a "bad boy" if that's what you want to show. It just makes you rude, disrespectful and intolerable. Of course, not to mention very unappealing and an absolute turn-off.

Ooh since that we are in this topic, I really really totally loathe guys or girls who call the waiters/waitress or anyone else like as if they are sucking their mouth in. That is undesirably unacceptable. They should be banned and it should be treated as a crime! Very unfortunate of me, I know people who behave like that! Crappy!

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