Sunday, September 15, 2013

Konichiwa Day 1

I thought of not blogging this, but then again, if I don't then it's a waste. I went to Japan during CNY this year and as depressing as it is already, please understand my daunting moment as all the pictures were burnt as the memory card that was given to me to use was actually a counterfeit card. It has been a verified counterfeit. Practically, not a single picture can be recovered. It's counterfeit and I didn't know that. Best part was I was accused of not knowing how to use it. Like how technical can it be when you just insert the card close it and start snapping. Oh wow, I guess that needs a really skillful person to use it. Anyway, thank God that I have used my iPhone to snap a few. Just a few. Damn. I should have used it all for the entire trip then. :( Boo!

As we have just arrived in Japan, we had some hiccups of where to wait and where the bus was waiting. Clashes happened, drama happened. Eventually, everything had been sorted out.

Ahh, we are having a white Lunar New Year instead of Christmas. This was at the airport.

The first night was in Marroad International Hotel Narita. Haha ... I love the bath robe.

Ohh, you know this is Japan when there are vending machines all around. I am really impressed with all sorts of vending machines they have there.

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