Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Konichiwa Day 2

Right after the departure of the hotel, we headed to the airport. It wasn't any grand hotel we stayed in for the first night as it was merely a sleep over there before flying off to Hokkaido the next day. Nevertheless, the hotel was great.

Finally, we have arrived in Hokkaido. The land of seafod!

Despite months after I have left the place, I manage to google out the name. We stayed in Hotel Taisetsu, Hokkaido whereby we stayed in a Tatami. It's the aspect I like the most, staying in Tatami, the Japanese traditional house. We don't get that back home. It was awesome indeed. I have been watching Doraemon ever since I was young and finally, I got to stay in one. Needless to say, the hotel was grand. They have the the onsen there in the hotel itself too with both genders separated. Onsen is a japanese term for hot spring. It is said that they have all sorts of minerals that they acquire healing power.

Apart from that, those with tattoo like myself may not be able to enter these places though. I've heard from Sinsei (teacher) that tattoo is related to Yakuza, the transnational organized crime syndicate in Japan.

Ooh, of course, no matter where am I in the world, this is a must-do-stuff. The alcohol. Haha. This is the famous Santory beer with the perfect fragrance and it's so easy to drink it down. I've heard of it, but I've not tried it. This is just the perfect time.

Well oh well. You can see almost everyone walking around the hotel dress in this way. It's provided in every guest room. OMG! I love this so much.

Voila! One night had passed. It's time to move on to another area. Look at the snow man. I love it to bits.

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