Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Konichiwa Day 4

This is the time.Welcome to the beautiful ski resort.

OMG when I look at them? : wooo daebak! (awesome). It's so white, it's so cold, and everything was just great

There comes someone who doesn't know how to ski ooops.

There were quite a few restaurants to choose from in the ski resort. It was really huge I must say I am really really impressed. Oh btw, there's also a fountain musical thingy at night. Of course, the dinner. We chose the buffet dinner and oh my love with the crab is a must do thing. Look at the huge crabs I had. My gawd!! I was drooling when I saw the crabs okay.

That was where we stayed in - Rusutsu Resort Hotel. They have even a sports bar. You can get most of the stuff there and when you walk out, there are a few mini mart there.

And so, I walked out to get this - Sapporo Classic Beer. The size is bigger and nicer than the beer you can get back in KL. It's almost like a daily routine hehe.

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