Saturday, September 7, 2013

Single Life

People had been asking all my life where is he? To be really honest, he's far far away in the galaxy. Haha. Bleh :P

I do not see a reason to search and find someone to fill in the non-existent space. We should embrace being single in the 20s okay?!

After countless people complaining about all the unnecessary stress, after all the break ups they go through, after all the dramas that had been happening, I'll just leave as it is, being happy and single.

There are so many things you cannot do when you are in a relationship. Maybe, it's the wrong idea I am getting. But, there are definitely some truth in it.

At this age, it is the best time to focus on yourself. You wanna travel? Do it. You wanna drink til die? Do it. You wanna go out til late at night? Do it. You wanna go camping? Just do it. Oh you wanna cut your hair short? God dammit, just do it. You just have to be responsible for yourselves. You get the idea, you get to do whatever you want in the world and nobody is going to stop you, nobody is going to give you the tensions. Imagine if you are in a relationship, there will be so many questions raised if you say you wanna go travelling. Sometimes, you need a break, and sometimes you are not given that opportunity. Don't have to face someone who is going interrogate you or question you with a whole long list. Of course, if you say you are going travelling with your platonic friends, heh that's it, literally.

At this time too that you can build friendships. When you reach 30s, it's really not easy to get new friends. You will then realize you are slowly losing friends instead. Of course it's not entirely true it depends on what industry you are in, and how often you meet people on a daily basis. I don't mean meeting passing by people at the streets or the malls. What I mean as in real and true friends that will stick by you until we get older in which we can laugh what have we done during our 20s. Haha.

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