Monday, September 16, 2013

We are who we are

I have seen so many these days. People go into relationships thinking that they can change their partner into something what they want.

Seriously? I don't know who are they trying to kid but this will not work out for sure. You say, change is good. No doubt it is good for a certain change but not a 180 degrees change. It's more like you want him or her to be someone they are not. In this instance, they will be someone you want them to be, and not because of who they are in the first place, not because of what you have liked in the beginning.

Before you get into a relationship, you know how they are by nature. At that point of time, you can accept of how they are, how they act and whatever they are is something so sweet, so beautiful and so cute. The moment you commit yourselves together, everything change. Was that really necessary? It is important that you know and can accept their flaws. Accept meaning you can live with them being in such a way and not complain about it. If you find something to complain about them, it really means that they are not meant for you. Therefore, time to move on.

There are too many break ups occurred because they cannot accept the change after committing. Before committing, ask yourself. Can you accept them being like that? Nobody can change you except yourself. Force does not bring happiness. Instead, it brings resentment if it's not from within.

You cannot expect people to change for you. Maybe, they should ask themselves, can they change for you? Most of the time, it will be no. Even if they are willing and they can, it does not really mean that everyone else are like them that they can and willing to change for the sake of others. I know I am not one of them haha. As stubborn as I may seem like, indeed, I am. A common mistake globally.

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