Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 6

After our waterfall session,we were just cruising away in Langkawi heading back to our "home." Just as we were voyaging along the road, we spotted "Pantai Kok." It looks just so divine then we decided to have a pit stop before we headed back.

As you can see itself, the sand was definitely whiter and cleaner than Pantai Cenang. The water was certainly clearer. Yeah, we do know that Pantai Cenang had been flooded with tourists around and it's the main center for tourists both local and foreign. Not many would actually travel all the way here for the beach. If you would like a calmer, quieter beach, this is definitely the place. It's about 12KM from Pantai Cenang. So, it's quite a distance to travel. Along the beach, it's dominated by a more high-end upscale resorts.

We then changed and hopped to this beach called Pantai Tengah. It's just 5 minutes drive away from Pantai Cenang or La Pari Pari. There's nothing much really to see here. In fact, so are the other beaches. There are island hopping activities, more restaurants to have your stomach filled. Well, that's the whole point of being on a vacation, right? Here is the place for night life nevertheless.

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