Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to Langkawi Day 2 Part 9

Okay, this is the final part of our Langkawi trip. This is the whole closure of the trip. Though it was just the 3 of us, you may think it's sad and it's pathetic with such small number of people to an island. You're wrong. It really does not matter how many people I go with, but most important is the companions. It was a great trip for sure.

After the beach, we hopped into a restaurant for seafood and man, were we cheated. It was not fresh at all and I can get that anytime better in KL with that price. Honestly.

It was already our last night there and if we don't drink up what we were supposed to, then when can we do that?

We drank the cheap wine first but it was bad and it was so hard to drink

Then we decided, take pictures are better maybe

Creating memories of our 7 & 8 years of friendship respectively

We have been through a long long way

And it will continue our journey together

No doubt we are all busy with our own things as we grow wiser

It is when you take the effort to spend time. It's not everyday that you need to talk and meet each other, but the moment you do, you can't stop. Everything feels like back in the days when we just met.

Then, it's MOET time for breakfast. We call that the power breakfast. It's an instant enhancer to wake up. haha.

Right after that, we did spa, we did a lil bit of shopping then off we went to the airport. 3 days was definitely too short. I wished that I could be there longer. Well, next time.

Langkawi, see you again :D 


FP said...

Congratulations. Amazing photography!!!

Panda said...

haha thank you