Sunday, October 27, 2013

If he does not text

I see that majority of guys prefer to communicate in person, instead of online or anything virtual. Others, hook up with their phone 24/7. It depends what kind of guys are you referring to. But, typically, they are a more visual species. Hence, they prefer to see you when they talk to you.

Yeah anyway, lately I know a few girls who mention the guys have not been texting or messaging them. It bothers them a lot. This is something I have read before. They are not like girls who stick to the phone 24/7 as we are more of a social species, gotta stay connected while for them, they can leave their phone untouched. What I'm saying is the typical and general ones, not the outcast or the unique ones.

Anyway, girls are very much bothered by the fact that the guys aren't texting them. But, I feel they should not focus on the guys not messaging them and things like that. Of course it feels great that someone is messaging you, but that should not be your top priority. Maybe, they take that as a rejection that those guys are not messaging. Regardless, you should lead a great life, have your personal life, be with your gfs, and this guy thing should just be a sideline.

When things like this happen, there are of course greater things going to happen and this may not be the best time just yet. Plus, it's not the end of the world. Take it easy, lead your own life, and especially at this age of 20s, this is YOUR time. If he does not text, it's okay too. If he does, it's a plus point.

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