Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Konichiwa Day 5 Part 3

From the previous post,we finished our shopping. I can conclude then that shopping in Japan isn't exactly fun. It's not because of the winter season. Don't get me wrong, I love winter. It's just that winter clothes are not to be worn in my original country. It's not cheap there. Hence, it's not fun.

Tadaa ... the giant crab. I am very much fascinated by the sizes of the crabs there. It's really that big. The crab I held on was obviously alive and it IS heavy. Don't treat it like as if it's nothing okay. Once the crab falls, it's considered sold.

Ah the beloved Sake. So great for this weather. I felt burning hot after the Sake. haha.

We continued shopping haha .. in Mitsui. At least I can get some cheaper stuff here.

It's dinner time. BBQ!

The only monkey that I know is in Korea haha. But, this is a different monkey. This monkey was extremely cute, it tried to lean on me. That's why when the picture was being taken, I felt like a heavy weight on me.

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