Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Konichiwa Day 6 Part 1

It's the sixth day here. Oh god. Can anyone explain to me why the time for leisure and vacation always and always fly. I've never felt like it has been 6 days at all. This does not make anymore sense. Anyway, instead of dragging the days as it's ending, I shall just enjoy the remaining time we have there.

It's time to fly back to Tokyo from Hokkaido.

Welcome to Tokyo. It's packed with people, buildings and everything else

We went for late lunch/dinner I have forgotten in this building called Nittochi Nishishinjuku Building. I guess this is the only restaurant there or the rather few ones. Others are offices. It seems like it at least.

That's the restaurant we dined in. Haha. Oh yeah I think I had lunch. It was so windy outside.

Oh my! My beloved Family Mart is in Japan! Ah but things that they sell is not that similar to the ones in Korea. But again, Family Mart is no longer in Korea. I can hardly find it anymore.

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