Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Affairs

I have heard stories. What I can say is that, a womanizer will always be a womanizer. Never believe someone can ever change.

I thought giving someone a benefit of the doubt and it turns out to be, he's even worse than ever before. How can you be as such when your wife is pregnant with your kid. Oh god, tell me, when will karma fall upon these people. Showing the public how lovely you are as a husband and a father is a total bull shit.

I think I have put too much belief in people that I should not. I should have expected them to be the worst ever people. What I don't understand is that why get married in the first place, why stay married? Divorce and do things that you have always wanted - womanizer. Maybe, I don't understand humans in general anymore. It's like as if it is okay to have both husbands and wives having affairs outside, living a separate lives and yet in the end of the day, they return to the house.

They are mostly doing that because of the kids. It's better if they divorce with all problems settled and the kids can have a healthier lifestyle, rather than with this kind of sick parents and disturbing household. Have they not thought that the kids would know? Working in that line should have expected temptations all around. But, there's something called resistant. Obviously, many people had failed to do so. I guess, the decision to leave the industry had been so right. It never felt so right before this.

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