Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Touching

When you meet people, you interact with people, there bound to be some touching involved and I understand that. I am a very private person and that means that I am sensitive towards things like that. Having said that, even you stand or be really close to me, I can actually feel that my privacy is invaded. To a certain extent.

Okay, generally, I am okay with all these things and I don't mind at all. Of course, as friends, we don't really mind that unless of course you are annoyed with that person. Then, obviously, it's not something you can accept.

Exactly 10 years ago, I had this encounter with a guy whom I was so irritated with. He was that irritating that every freaking sentence he or I say, he needs to touch, whether it's my arm or hands. It drove me insane at that point of time and I need to get my message across that I do not like to be touched regardless what he says or what I say. Needless to say, he thought I was kidding or in denial I was not really sure, but I stopped talking to him completely since he does not understand simple English.

Generally, I categorize my friends, from one individual to another, depending on the group. I categorize them as the brothers, as the buddies/friends, as the being idiots with, as the danger zone. Danger zone is a group of guys I am aware of that I cannot possibly accept if they ever have any physical contacts with me. This includes like touching my arms or hands, my shoulder or any of that sort along the line. When they do, I get annoyed. Other categories are guys I am comfortable with. In other words, I may not feel comfortable with people from the danger zone category. You may say, it's just shoulders, it's okay. It isn't to me. It's really not okay. They start from shoulders, and it may be elsewhere. That I call as taking advantage and I certainly do not appreciate that. Most important, I really feel that my privacy is invaded if people from that category act in that way. I hate that feeling. Maybe, these people should learn the basic human body language first before they do it. Most probably, they are either oblivious or socially impaired that they don't understand simple body language when one gets irritated.

The fact that some people fall into the danger zone category is rather sad because not many have the chance to be in this category.

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