Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Libran's Birthday Part 1

I celebrated my birthday 2 months ago and this has got to be the quietest birthday celebration. No more partying like it used to be. It's not that I have aged, but I prefer a much calmer celebration. We have all done that many many years ago and those kind of celebration had become boring.

The office brought me this cake. So nice of them to be spelling my name correctly. I am very bothered by how people spell my name. The worst of all is when it is spelt wrongly by my own teachers for 13 long years, again and again.

Dede suggested that we celebrate it at Ante, a place famous for pork haha. I've never known this place. It was a very great ambiance to dine in.

Look at the food! Yums

Just when Kakak arrived. Surprisingly, he was on-time. Thought of asking him to settle the bill if he arrives late. The wine was very smooth.

Woolala~ all the porks in the world :D

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