Friday, November 29, 2013

The truth revealed

Sometimes, you wouldn't know a person until you get really close to them. They can put up with any kind of show in front, and to think that they are the person they portrayed themselves to be was indeed some kind of gimmick.

I know it's a crazy world out there but sometimes you just got into this situation off guard. The person who you thought was so open, understanding, awesome was just at a surface level. Then, you found out, everything was a lie. They made you believe as such.

Then, as days passed, you gradually found out what they really are, who they really are. The open, understanding, and awesome person was never ever there. The person is there out in the world elsewhere, definitely not the person you were interacting with all the while. I guess it's not about being fake in the beginning, it was all an act. It turned out to be disgusting, narrow minded and out of the mind.

I always believe that you get to know someone when they are angry and how can they compose themselves. When they can't, they let everything go, it's the time you get to read them. That is their true self. Never doubt that. I'm sorry I was this and that, I was angry. It's too late, yo! Those who always remain calm and cool, is when you know their EQ is at a certain level. haha.

Then, you saw this person doing this with others, the same old way, that act once again. It's all just a cycle. It suddenly felt disgusting. It never felt back then. When the truth is out, it always feel disgusting. Sometimes, you just don't know it's such a bad luck to be crossing path with people as such, or that you are lucky enough to meet with this kinda people that you get to learn how our human race really is. Either one, you choose. I think I rather choose that I am lucky. It's not all bad, we learn from mistakes, to learn to analyze people more. :D

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