Thursday, November 21, 2013

Unconventional Halloween

This year's Halloween has got to be the most unconventional way of celebrating. Seeing these pictures don't mean really that I love kids. My preference of kids around me remains, that I don't. It's not something I must hide or I need to. It's a well known fact I don't get along with them and it's for certain, I don't try to either.

The red and the black shirt boy is the siblings. They are Malaysian Japanese mixed.

Yeah, one and only adult group :(

with Sinsei this time and turned out blur

That's with Tomoko. Damn, she's leaving soon :(

Hahaa .... fine~
My prop of the night haha.... this Jap kid. Still, doesn't mean we get along. haha.

That's all for Halloween's, it was a really really laidback mini gathering we had. Nothing extravaganza or different. Well, this is different, it was a very peaceful and quiet evening, except with the noisy kids.

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