Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Attention Seeker

There are so many attention seeking people around. It is not surprisingly common these days and the number is growing. They just want people to give attention to them in their own ways, either by document every single little thing on a social media, or just saying stupid things.

Perhaps, all that is troubling them is the low self-esteem and confidence with lack of self-worth. If all of these are high, they most definitely don't need to act in such a way. Little did they know that those are just temporary relief and that's not even addressing the actual issue there.

I got to know someone who is like that. Of course, I know many more, but this is just one of the many. An example, I'm gonna shut myself out from the world, lock myself up and things like that. Perhaps, others will be understanding, tried to talk this person out of it. But, I couldn't even care less about what goes into the head of this person. Just let them say what they wanna say, because you know it's all about emotional rage. To me, if they actually do it is probably the best but I know they will not. Sadly.

Then, posting things like that, such a depressing day, I'm gonna get drunk tonight. Wow, that's very happening. Guess what? That's just what an attention seeker will say. I don't see any sane person say things as such. They want to be loved, they want to have the attention. With that kind of attitude and behavior, to me at least, I'm gonna ditch them and run as far as I can because eventually I will find them very irritating and that's bad for me. I need positive aura. Come to think about it, people with real depression issue don't go telling every other person or announce it to the world. That's when action speaks louder than words come into the picture.

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