Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Being Repetitive

It is very important to dress appropriately for occasions, places you go to and stuff like that. You don't go wearing some unique sense of fashion with all that fats bulging out to show to the world. That's exactly what I saw 2 days ago :O I was shocked!

Okay, that's beside the point. I just don't understand how, someone can be wearing the same damn thing to meet people. Not everyday, but it's the same thing every week.

Wearing the same each week is a real turn off. Let's just be honest. We are humans, and humans love beautiful stuff. I personally do not appreciate or just don't know how to appreciate someone who wears the same every single day or every other days. Not talking about uniforms. But rather, clothes.

What is wrong with dressing up decently and nicely without being repetitive? I am not asking you to be a fashionista or fashion disaster, it's really not necessary. We don't need that around us either. Just don't be so boring? A guy once told me, I ain't no gay to be dressing up like that. Damn, I just don't know how narrow minded can people be. It leaves me speechless and well, just stay where you are because it makes people lose interest on you really easily. Trust me on that. If you're talking about personality? That's bull shit, people don't look into that these days :D Furthermore, only if you have a great personality :)  

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