Friday, December 13, 2013


I have always hated this public behavior from people that should not even happen. It is extremely bad if you work as a waiter or waitress. I feel it's exceptionally bad if you are catering for the people here.

I grew up with people calling each other that way. Though I was exposed with this since young, I have never gotten used to that because it is a derogatory remark to the other party. Women, and waiters/waitress get that a lot. It's not something we should learn to accept. We should oppose to that. We have every right to be disgruntled.

Personally, I feel that whistling, hand gestures, finger snaps, catcalls are under the same category. All of them are equally belittling. We were taught of respect, and I wonder why I don't see that anymore. These people who do that deserved to get knocked down by a tractor.

Women too, should not respond to that. Now that I am older, people of course don't do that to me. Even if they do, I wouldn't know because I have never responded to stuff like this. I have my pride and I expect people to respect me like that. However, I see that in restaurants. Under no circumstances that this kind of behavior will be acceptable. It's like as if that person come from an uneducated, rowdy background that makes that person a barbarian. You will not be called as educated unless you behave as one.

Just to think it this way, what if others do that on you? Otherwise, what if they do it on your daughters/wife/gf/whatever? If your answer is no, then stop doing it.

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