Saturday, December 21, 2013

Leisure or Running Away

Traveling used to be so far of reach, and when we grew up, it's not that difficult to achieve and with all the promotions, it seems really easy and there's definitely a place you can find to visit or travel to.

I believe many of us love to travel, and some travel too much. I am not referring to those who travel for business, but rather for leisure. Each time they come back from a holiday, they wanna go again and again and no matter how frequent it is, it will never be enough for them.

There's one person I know that want to always be elsewhere, whether it's studies or work, and it can be anywhere else in the world, except the own country. Looking at it looks like this girl definitely has issue and it sounds like she's running away from reality, running away from problems or whatever she has back at home. You can say, yes I love working in a place to meet all kinds of people. It's not impossible to achieve that in your own country. You just have to pick the right industry and place to work in. Obviously, if you say, you love meeting new people, don't go working in an accountant firm. So, you would have imagined that she's a very bubbly and cheerful person. Except, maybe we have expected too much.

Having that interest of "love to meet new people" then you should be a people's person, to always engage and connect with people. If, a person who look at you, can tell that you have a negative vibe in you, then you should really think if this is your type of industry. If you are happy the way things are, then travelling once or twice a year is more than enough. You don't have to run away, you don't have to avoid problems. You will be as content as you have been, with or without travelling. Of course, travelling is a good eye opener, but it must not be taken as a place to run away.

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