Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sayonara 2013, Annyeong 2014

Each year, I usually do a summary of the highlights of things that happened in the year, and how it went. I believe, as I grow older, get wiser, things are not as dramatic as it used to be many years ago. Things had calmed down a lot, I start having a much more stable lifestyle. Speaking of age huh? No, not getting old still, but I appreciate sitting back to relax at times. Chaotic life is boring now.

It was when the year started. I had quite a lot of fun. Dwaeji came back for a short visit and we gathered as usual, the KWS hehe. Work had not been good.

It was Chinese New Year. Being Chinese, does not mean anything to me. It's about the holidays! It was a very memorable trip - to Japan. Never thought I'll be there.

We had our CNY Chap Goh Meh gathering there in Kyliie's place and knowing that the chef lives behind? Woah, indeed a small world huh

I felt the emotional strain the entire month that from emotional, it diverted into a physical pain. I fell sick the whole month, in and out of the clinic every single week. I fell from exhaustion, from fatigue. Things were looking so bad on my body and that's a sign telling me something. A change is just about to happen, and it depends on me really if to execute the change instantly. The moment I took that plunge, I recovered immediately. My first MC :(

It was our General Election and it was my first time witnessing, and participating in it. Also, to my horror so many things had happened during the whole process that I can't believe my ears and eyes. Well, welcome to Malaysia. Cut my hair short again as what I have always wanted. Nobody is going to say anything and it does not even bother if I am being labelled "ugly" haha. Also, the fact that I was bitter about someone taking advantage. It was frustrating but I began to accept it, re-live a moment, flashbacks and I had accepted with open hands.

Haze attacked us, polluted us nationwide. Health hazard. The first colleague left us :( Yay! I had monehhh!! That's work related.

It was the dance competition. After months of practice, finally, the day arrived. It was the trip of the year I guess - to Langkawi.

Oh god~ For the first time in years, I watched a horror movie. It's not something I can watch, horror. It freaks the hell outta me and I usually get really really stressed up. I was so right about myself. Oh~ and I met someone there through wechat. What a weird encounter.

It was my birthday, but before that I kinda fell into a little depression, the passing of my beloved furry sister. It was just that depressing to me.

Not sure if anything happened. Haha it was not documented. Oh ya I have almost forgotten, I went back to my home town. Oh, an increment was all I needed. Thank you hehe. This was also the month unexpected things happened.

It was Lober's full moon party for Hayley. Also, a very unconventional way to celebrate Halloween. It was our annual dinner and a prize is good enough.

Nothing much, a night over at Renaissance, enjoyed as much as I can. And now, it's 2 hours away from 2014.

Overall, it was a good year, with great things that happened here and there. Lessons learned along the way. We are always learning, whether it's knowledge based or it's a life's lesson. Regardless, it's beneficial.

Before the year officially come to an end, I would like to say, wherever you are, wherever you're gonna be, celebrate and be happy and let us all cruise through 2014 with positive mind, that greater things will take place. Whatever happened in 2013, had happened. Thank you 2013! Let's look forward to the year of greatness. May each and everyone of you be blessed with happiness, wealth and prosperity. Not doing anything this year, I need to have my beauty sleep in order to start my year with a bang! :D haha.

새해 복 많이 받으세요!
Happy New Year!!

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