Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Atas 2

Ah~After our over loaded beef in Suki-ya, we walked and walked. We can't walk that much, can we? Then, we headed for tea time. I've not tried this place before. So, we stopped here :D

TWG 1837

The table setting, looks nice

The golden teapot. Guess what? They have such a long list of tea that I have no idea what are they. We usually see in normal restaurants the normal one, or in hotels, they have English Breakfast Tea, Eaqrl Grey, Jasmine Tea, and a few more. This place omg I need help! I ended up drinking the dancing tea, Dede drank the 5PM tea and Ah Boi got the pink flamingo tea. Hahaa ... I can say, it's just okay, I am not impressed. Maybe, I did not order the right tea?

That's our pictures with my Polaroid camera. Hehe. It seems I have the luck in me winning prizes, whether it's big or small. So far. Each of us took one home and display it hehe

The someone with the phone :P

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